Multi-Billion dollar companies are successfully using push notifications in their marketing campaigns and apps

Are you sick and tired?

Information Overload

Courses and forums that just throw a ton of content to your face and you have to dig through it to find what's working RIGHT NOW and where to start.

Losing your time

Spending hours if not days on tech bits and pieces. And if you ever tried to create or modify landing pages, you know how painful and time-consuming it can be.

Struggling to break even

Are you trying mobile affiliate marketing (running CPA offers), but you can't make it work? Maybe you even ran some mobile campaigns, but they don't bring any profit.

Push Magic Eliminates It All!

Avoid Headaches

6-Week Challenge. The step-by-step guide will show you where to start and what to do each day for 6 weeks. From zero to first conversion, from conversion to successful campaign and finally to 6-figures a year.

Save time and money

DFY Weekly Package. Your work is reduced to a minimum! We not only search for the top-performing landers in various verticals in the best spy tools, and save you $507.98 every month.

Get results fast

FB Closed Group. Start making money! Do you need some guidance or stuck with a campaign? Drop your question on our Closed Facebook group and Push Magic community, I and other members will do their best to help you!

Martin Sulcs

Founder of and

“Push Magic is the perfect package for digital marketers that want to reap the fruits of Push Notification marketing. The information inside is invaluable because it saves countless hours of work.
My favorite is the “landers & creatives” section which is full of already tested creatives that have proven themselves. I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on different ad designs and countless of hours on testing them.
Push Magic is the ultimate DONE-FOR-YOU option for all digital marketers that value their time.”

Martin Sulcs

Why Push Notifications?

Selected Benefits of running mobile push notification campaigns

  • Some affiliates make over MILLION DOLLARS per year and 5 figures ($XX,XXX) per day.

    * Renz Gonzales (“2020: The future of push ads”) and Andrew Payne (“Zero to 7-figures with push traffic”) talked about it during “AFFILIATE WORLD EUROPE 2019”.

    FACT #1

    High-profit margin

  • Supported by all the major browsers and Operating Systems, push ads offer a worldwide reach. The best networks have 300-450 Million subscribers and support over 250 countries/geos.

    FACT #2

    Huge Reach

  • Straightforward format, which is suitable for new affiliates with low budgets. Cost per click starts from $0.001-$0.003 depending on the network, and you pay only when user clicks through your ad (CPC pricing model)!

    FACT #3

    Perfect for newbies

  • Push ads are delivered even when subscribed users don’t browse the Internet or use their devices (unlike other ad formats or e-mail), driving exceptional efficiency for every push ad campaign.

    FACT #4

    High visibility

  • User must subscribe if they wish to receive push notifications. This ensures 100% real-user audience and eliminates the risk of bot presence.

    FACT #5

    High quality

  • CTR (click-through rate) is higher than in other ad formats, leading to more conversions and return on investment is up to 400%!

    FACT #6

    Extraordinary performance

  • Freedom from ad blockers and fraud. Push notifications are not subject to ad-blockers.

    FACT #7

    Anti ad-blocker

  • Personalization, strong CTA (click to action), non-intrusiveness (push notifications don’t interrupt user activity), and instant ad delivery.

    * In contrast, emails lay unopened for a long time and might not deliver urgent information. SMS can be personalized as well, but can be obtrusive and may annoy users.

    FACT #8

    High user engagement

  • “62% of users access the internet using their mobile phones”

    FACT #9

    Mobile Rocks!

  • “Nearly three quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025”

    FACT #10

    Mobile Rocks!

  • “87% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile”

    FACT #11

    Mobile Rocks!

  • “The cost-per-click for mobile ads is 24% less than that of desktop ad campaigns, and they have a 40% higher CTR”

    FACT #12

    Mobile Rocks!

  • “71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business”

    FACT #13

    Mobile Rocks!

  • “63% of all digital ad revenue in 2018 came from mobile advertising.”

    FACT #14

    Mobile Rocks!

Listen to experts

Here's what industry top experts have to say: Voluum - The #1 Tracking Software, Stack That Money - The #1 Affiliate Marketing Forum and What The Aff - The digital marketer's #1 daily briefing

Which traffic source/type and vertical if starting this year? On a limited budget and low risk, I would go for push notifications. (…) It’s definitely the easiest way for someone looking to get started in AM.
Co-founder of STM Forum
Besmir Bregasi

Let’s say you don’t have much money and need a couple of thousands per month to get you stable. In that case, I’d go with push notifications as the traffic type
founder of and
Emanuel “Manu” Cinca

Push notification advertising is still a red hot and sexy digital ad format. It’s user-friendly, highly-engaging and (at least potentially) much more profitable than other types of online advertisements.
Dariusz Jaroń

Trending in 2020!

Push notifications advertising is the hottest traffic method right now and it's trending in 2020! There's a huge number of articles written by the experts talking about push notifications in the coming 2020

These are one of the most popular web development trends (…) in the coming year 2020 they would surely play an equally important role in the process of marketing.
“Digital Marketing trends in 2020

Push Notifications will become even more popular.
“5 Affiliate marketing trends for 2020

Our business has attracted more than 300,000 web push subscribers and has generated more than $1 million in revenue from web push notifications in 2018 alone.
“What Is Trending In Digital Marketing?”

A trend controversial enough for today, but I have to admit, it is gaining momentum.
“8 Main web design trends and preditions 2020

Push notifications are on the rise.
(Alongside with AI, chatbots and Video marketing)
“22 Digital Marketing Trends (…) 2020

Mobile commerce also benefits in improved customer experience, better targeting and engagement due to push notifications.
“Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends Dominating in 2020

Push notifications are by far the most powerful tool at a mobile marketer’s disposal.
“5 Trends You Need To Know”

Another trend that has slowly but surely been emerging in recent years.
“Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

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Introducing to the push notification advertising. Learn how to setup all crucial tech elements. Step-by-step instructional videos. You don’t have to be technical!
  • Newbie area
    Mindset, conversion types, verticals and more explained
  • How to apply for affiliate network account
    Apply for an account where you get your offers to promote
  • How to Register a domain name
    Register .com domain for as low as $1
  • How to Setup a VPN
    Get and setup the best VPN to view your offers pages
  • How to apply for traffic source account
    Apply for an account where you display your campaigns
  • How to Setup a VPS
    Setup Virtual Private Server for $5
  • How to Setup a tracker
    This is a #1 tool of every affiliate running CPA offers
  • How to Setup a CDN
    Speed up your lander’s loading time with Content Delivery Network


Running campaigns from A to Z. Learn about landing pages, tokens, spy tools and also how to spy on competition and how to setup and optimize your campaigns.
  • Spy on competition
    Learn how to properly use spy tools and see what’s working RIGHT NOW
  • Fix ripped landers
    Learn how to fix landers downloaded from spy tools
  • Tokens explained
    Learn what tokens are, how they work and how to use them
  • Run your campaigns
    How to get an offer, add your lander and setup campaign
  • Effective campaign optimization
    Learn how to optimize your campaign based on collected data
  • Scaling your campaign
    Pull out 100x more profit from your working campaigns
  • The Whole process explained
    All the campaign elements described and explained
  • X


100% ROI AND BEYOND! Learn About Advanced Techniques That Can Double Your Investment: Turn $100 Into $200, Turn $1000 Into $2000. Each Of Them Can Drastically Increase Your Profit Or Turn Your Negative Campaigns Into Profitable.
  • The world of cloaking
    Get over 100% ROI (Return On Investment) and hide your lander
  • Blackhat methods
    Use blackhat methods to drastically increase your ROI
  • Stealth mode
    Make your lander invisible to other affiliates and spy tools
  • Cloakers
    Learn how to properly setup and use cloaking software
  • Super fast funnel
    How to increase your profit even more
  • Superfast funnel
    Speed up loading time of various elements of the funnel
  • Superfast landing pages
    Techniques that speed up your lander’s loading time
  • More important than you think
    These techniques can increase your ROI by up to 100%


From 0 to first conversion, and from conversion to first profitable campaign. Week-by-week, day-by-day, Step-by-step.
  • Weeks 1-3: Learning stage
    Learn all the ins and outs of mobile push notification advertising
  • Basic knowledge
    The foundation knowledge for beginners
  • Tools and services
    Sign-up to all necessary tools and services
  • Tech instruction
    See how to setup all the tech bits and pieces
  • Cloaking
    Learn cloaking and blackhat methods
  • Top landers
    Explore our library of the top landers and creatives
  • Run campaigns
    Learn how to setup, test, optimise and scale your campaigns
  • Weeks 4-6: Action stage
    Run and test more campaigns, keep improving your ROI


A Pack Of Top Landing Pages And Creatives That Perform The Best In Last 7 Days – From 4 Of The Best Spy Tools. Ready to download
  • Top Campaigns, Landers, and Creatives
    Original Files ready to download
  • 4 The Best Spy Tools
    Content copied from the best spy tools
  • Top verticals
    All major verticals covered
  • 30+ categories
    Sorted by the most popular keywords
  • $500+ Saved Every Month
    No need to buy spy tools membership
  • Detailed instruction
    Newbie friendly, Step-by-step instruction
  • How to fix downloaded landers
    Fix common errors, and remove harmful scripts
  • How to use downloaded landers
    Apply money-making scripts, and optimize load speed


A pack of tools, services and scripts I personally use in my campaigns and exclusive discounts.
  • Resources Mine
    A list of tools I personally use on daily basis
  • Money Making Scripts
    A full library of scripts I use in my landers
  • Master Mindmap
    Your cheat sheet: a full system on 1 page
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X


Join Our Private Facebook Group for Push Magic members only. A closed community helping each other.
  • Facebook Group
    Closed group community helping each other
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
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2 Awesome bunuses
  • Reclaim your time
    Double your productivity
  • Reprogram your mind for success
    8 Mindsets That Lead to Consistent Victory
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X

How it works

Running campaigns is simple! Here’s a simplified process in 4 easy steps

Picking an offer

Your personal affiliate manager gives you a list of the top performing offers

Setup a campaign

Setup everything in your tracker: add your offer, lander and campaign

Getting data and optimizing

Test, gather data and keep optimizing based on that data

Scaling and profit

Once you get profitable campaign, scale it as much as you can and PROFIT 🤑🤑🤑


Save $507.98 Per Month!

And don't waste money testing ads that don’t work!
$507.98 figure is not taken out of thin air but is the actual REAL monthly cost of 4 top spy tools we use to create the package. You will be always up to date with what's working RIGHT NOW for other affiliates and super affiliates.

  • Top landing pages and creatives that perform the best in last 7 days - from 4 the best spy tools with combined monthly subscription cost of $507.98
  • All the most popular verticals covered: Crypto, nutra, sweepstakes, e-commerce, casino, dating and more
  • Original version available for instant download: unchanged raw files straight from the spy tools
  • A BOMB! Step-by-step instruction on how to fix the downloaded landing pages and use it in your own campaigns. I'll show you how to remove the harmful scripts that can steal your conversions, optimize for load speed (faster load = more profits), apply our money making scripts, and fix common errors.
  • You save DAYS of work. We show everything in a newbie-friendly way. You don't need to be tech-savvy!

Other Courses

I teach how to make at least $100K per year and how to build campaigns with 100% ROI (Return On Investment) and more. That kind of knowledge is expensive. Let's have a closer look on other online courses and memberships from 2020 that teach how to generate $100K annual income.

“Amazing Selling Machine“
by Jason Katzenback


“$100K Shout Out”
by Chris Munch


“Low Hanging System”
by Donald Wilson


“6-Figure Freedom”
by Sean Donahoe

“Overnight Freedom”
by Mark Ling

“Clickbank breaks the internet”
by Justin Atlan

“Parallel Profits”
by Aidan Booth

“Push Magic”
by Sam Zadworny

Who is this course for?
Both expert marketers and newbies. It shows newbies how to start and get fast results in affiliate marketing space and teach experts new tech stuff. Plus, it saves you thousands of $$$.
Why paid traffic?
You get results almost instantly. You put money in, test, scale and pull money out. It's that simple. It's just a matter of testing various different campaigns and find a winner.
What else do I need to get started?
Minimum: tracking software, domain (from $1), and VPS server (from $5). You will find details inside the course. You also need some budget to invest in your campaigns.
How much do I need to start running campaigns?
I recommend having at least $200 to get your feet wet, understand all the mechanics, and learn how to run mobile campaigns properly. However, more is better.
How long does it take before I start getting profit?
This is very individual. Generally, the more dedicated to the course you are and the more time and money you spend testing campaign, the sooner you will see results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Value Of Membership All Modules If Sold Separately. DIY Cost Is At Least DOUBLE The Total Value Figure

  Video training
15 Instructional videos from modules #1, #2 and #3
  6 weeks challenge
From zero to first conversion and first successful campaign
🤑  Weekly DFY pack
REAL ANNUAL COST of spy tools: 12 x $507.98
  Monthly Content
ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST Of My $30K lander etc.: 12 x $97
  Resources mine
Tools and services I personally use in my campaigns
  Money making scripts
12+ scripts for your landers increasing your campaigns ROI
  Master mindmap
This is your cheatsheet – a whole system on 1 page
  Facebook Group
Closed Group – a Push Magic community helping each other
  All bonuses
Bonus courses included in your membership
If the membership modules were sold separately
CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATION: DIY minimum cost of testing landers, verticals, traffic sources, and affiliate networks, figuring out tech stuff, buying or developing scripts for landing pages, a cost of your work and more…

The regular price is $197. In “June SPECIAL” you pay $97 just ONE TIME
If you subscribe now, you will also get $139 instant discounts and access to our Exclusive DEALS

Sam Zadworny

I was a leading developer working on international navigation software dedicated for commercial ships. These skills allowed me to create a WordPress plugin called The Generation Plugin, that helped over 1000 bloggers to monetize their blogs. While helping others, my product was awarded multiple prizes, and I was interviewed by super affiliates like Mike from Maine, and I banked over $30K at the same time. Meanwhile, I created a SaaS software that was an alternative to expensive Social Lead Freak software, and it was few times faster and unlike Social Lead Freak, it could scrape data from hundreds fan pages simultaneously on full autopilot.
Later on, I started playing with mobile pop ads and had no success for few months. Then I switched to push notifications advertising and it all started! I was documenting my journey on Affiliate Fix forum under username Mr.Z. In 2019 I hit a 6 figure margin, and I keep going.